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1. The Nature of the Project
    Figure 1. illusion

2. Balance Sheet
   Figure 2. balance sheet

3. Good Fortune
   Figure 3. fortune

4. A Purchase
   Figure 4. purchase

5. Debt Relief
   Figure 5. debt forgiven

6. The Value of a Viscous Asset
   Figure 6. transaction

7. The Net Effect of a Transaction
   Figure 7. net effect

8. Credit, Debt, Liabilities
    Figure 8. AAPL

9. A Loan
   Figure 9. credit

10. A Bank Deposit Creates Money
   Figure 10. bank deposit

11. A Bank Loan
   Figure 11. bank loan

12. Credit Cards
   Figure 12. credit card

13. Net Effect on the World
   Figure 13. global effect

14. Credit Card Debt Retired
   Figure 14. creditcard paid

15. The Money Supply
   Figure 15. M2