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Origin of the Miraculous
Poem, 1998

Probable events are those which come as no surprise But strings of most unlikely things conspire so they arise
If there are many ways for a thing to come to be Then it will surely happen, high probability
But 'one' is a small fraction of the many ways at hand So for any 'one' to happen is miraculously grand
The lottery's a gamble but some number gets the prize The miracle would be for Kate to win before she dies.
And Kate does win. With pride rejoices. Says it's her due. She made good choices
But when misfortune touches Kate "Unjust", she moans, "my cruel fate." Indignantly she asks, "Why me?" "There's someone else it ought to be."
There is no great surprise in what happens every day What is quite original is it happens just that way.
The curious way it happens is reported as the news. Interminable miracles are the fabric of our views. -end-

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February 2016
Marvin Chester


© m chester 1998 Occidental CA