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Marvin Chester

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Dec. 29, 1930 - Apr. 22, 2016

Our dear Marvin died on April 22nd, 2016. He lived life to play and to learn. His heart was full.

DIVINE NEUTRALITY This links to my BLOG. Divine Neutrality characterizes the faith on which science is built; that divine intervention does not exist. Science is founded on faith - in divine neutrality.
A PRINCIPLE GOVERNING LIVING ORGANISMSThe effect of population success on the environment is to alter that environment in a way that opposes the success. This principle is formulated mathematically so it can be empirically tested 2009
The NATURE of MONEYAn inquiry into the nature of money and reserve banking using reader driven motion graphics to display ideas visually. 2012
WHAT IS QUANTUM MECHANICS?Talk given at University of California, Santa Cruz to Lifelong Learners 2011
WHAT QUANTUM MECHANICS SAYS ABOUT NATUREA motion graphic exploration of experiments that demonstrate the quantum mechanical character of nature. 2013
THE NON-INTEGER MULTIVERSEIf quantum mechanics governs all of nature smoothly and without interruption then we are led to the idea that there are many universes but they are not created in integer amounts! 2015
THE RANDOM WALKThe elemental (one dimensional) random walk and its statistics: animated. 2006
THE GINI INDEXThe visualization of wealth distribution and the Gini Index. 2007
POLE LIGHTThe animations used in the Salmon Creek Middle School presentation on light polarization. 2005
The CONCEPT EXCHANGE SOCIETYProceedings of the Society include presentations on astronomy, cosmology, mysticism, information theory, spiritual values, linguistics, physics ... 1996
TWO HEADED TALESMarvin's words, Elfi's pictures.
Visually embellished verse pieces 1996
JOY ROAD/OCCIDENTALWhere we lived. 1992-2010
Seventieth BirthdayA precious and memorable celebration of my 70th birthday.
2015 INTERVIEW Listen to a playful interview with Marvin about a year before he passed away.

BIANNUAL CLOCK RESET RITUALWe penalize ourselves by mindless ritualistic behavior benefitting no one. 2004
KING of the PICKPOCKETSShort story, 1983
NATURALOn divine intervention and natural process; a short conversation 1996
BENEDICTIONThe blessing of belief. 2004
KOSOVOAn example of the natural selection of values. 1999
PEACE and JUSTICEWe assign the label 'justice'
to 'what-it-is-we-want'. 2000
on REVELATIONRevelation and natural cause. 1998

PHYSICS AS SYMMETRYHow symmetry, something we associate with the shape of objects, is connected to theories about the workings of the physical world.
MATHEMATICAL STRUCTURE OF IDENTITYBy casting the mathematical structure of group theory verbally via the use of a metaphor we unveil how the mathematics expresses the philosophical world view embedded in physics.
Introductory Sections
We examine the premise that symmetry is identity; that group theory - the abstract mathematical generalization of symmetry - encodes our experience of identification; that symmetry is so elemental that it coincides with the concept of identity itself.

Theorem of Lagrange

My interests:
The operation of natural process in all spheres of inquiry:
at the foundations of physics,
in the evolution of species,
in the epidemiology of ideas,
in the bondage of passion,
in social transactions,
in the tumult of economics.
LINKS to my interestsLink collections, reference collections and site favorites
MOTION GRAPHIC REPOSITORYCollection of motion graphics.
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