Biographical Synopsis: Marvin Chester


Currently: Emeritus Professor, Physics, UCLA.
Living in Santa Cruz, CA
Faculty: Physics Dept. UCLA, 1961 to 1992
Ph.D., Physics: Caltech, 1961
B.S., Physics: City College of New York, 1952
Bronx High School Science, graduated 1948
Born: New York City, 1931
Heritage: Jewish

Married to my precious wife, Elfi in 1977. Life's sparkle was muted when she died in 2004. Our two children are Chaim Peter and Sadye Vera. My two fine daughters, Karen and Lisa, are from previous marriages.

Research Areas:

Experimental condensed matter, electro-optical phenomena, superfluidity, quantum theory, group theory, foundations of physics, population dynamics.

Publications: Book: "Primer of Quantum Mechanics", 1987, John Wiley, N.Y., 2003 Dover Edition
Technical research journal articles: A list and access to them is at
Occasional non-technical pieces, many of them here
Abiding Interests:
The operation of natural process in all spheres of inquiry:
at the foundations of physics,
in the evolution of species,
in the epidemiology of ideas,
in the bondage of passion,
in social transactions,
in the tumult of economics.