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LINK COLLECTIONS W3C, World Wide Web Consortium develops specifications, guidelines, software, and tools for the Web.   This site is an automated electronic archive and distribution server for research papers in the sciences; physics, mathematics, nonlinear sciences, computational linguistics, and neuroscience.
The Worlds of David Darling   David Darling seems to have a remarkably firm grasp on all the great advances in thought in the civilized world. And his explanations and discussions are thoughtful, honest and penetrating. On any topic one wishes to explore I recommend reading Darling.

Geometrical Algebra   Cambridge University Geometric Algebra Research Group home page. Geometric Algebra is a powerful mathematical language for expressing physical ideas. It unifies many diverse mathematical formalisms and aids physical intuition.Site contains an on-line introduction to the subject.
Cartan's Corner   Cartan's methods of exterior differential forms are applied to a variety of physical problems in this site by Emeritus Professor of Physics, R.M.Kiehn of the University of Houston
John Baez, UC Riverside, Math Department Mathematical Physics Notes. Baez contributes to newsgroups sagely and prolifically.
On-line physics textbook, Motion Mountain Textbook A remarkable work. Traditional topics and modern ones all explored from a contemporary view of physics.


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